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The Gospel of John

The course on The Gospel of John is designed to enable you to comprehend and apply the message of John's Gospel for personal discipleship and Christian ministry as it relates to the person of Jesus of Nazareth. We will explore the multi-faceted vision of Jesus as Messiah offered in the images, motifs, and narratives of John, both in the biblical text as well as through the film The Gospel of John by Visual Bible International. We will think through how this film faithfully represents and enhances our ability to exegete and understand the meaing of John's Gospel as it presents the person of Jesus for repentance and faith.

TUMI Satellites
This course may be applied toward Biblical Studies, TUMI course # B2-646. If you are a satellite of TUMI, you also have access to a syllabus for this course that allows you to offer this course to your students for credit.

Required Textbooks: John - Everyman's Bible Commentary Series, Robert W. Yarbrough | John: Gospel of Belief, Merrill C. Tenney

Course Syllabus, Quizzes, Exams and Answer Key available to TUMI Satellites only in the Satellite Gateway.

John - Everyman's Bible Commentary Series, Robert W. Yarbrough
John: Gospel of BeliefMerrill C. Tenney [ISBN-13: 978-0802843517]