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The Capstone Curriculum

Capstone Curriculum is a 16-module training program, taught at a seminary level, which we specifically designed to serve as the most essential knowledge and skill learning necessary for effective urban ministry. Each module (course) comes with a Mentor’s Guide, a Student Workbook and two DVD’s (four hours of video).

icon-assignments.png Each module also has required textbooks, and this graphic is linked to the reading assignments associated with those textbooks for that specific module.
 icon-suggested.png Some modules have Suggested Readings that would enhance student learning. While these are not required assignments, they are included for further study if your students are interested.
All of our Capstone Student Workbooks (English and Spanish) are available on Kindle and is a handy complement to your Capstone Students Softcover Workbook; the accessibility of the digital editions will be a lifetime resource for sermon preparation, Bible Study, and theological research. We are also seeking to make all of our required textbooks available on Kindle. If a book is available on Kindle, it will be linked to this icon in the book's description.



A few textbooks are also available as audio books. The books that are will have this linked icon in its description as well.

                          icon-reference.png Two Capstone modules (Module 5: Bible Interpretation and Module 11: Practicing Christian Leadership) have reference texts that are phenomenal resources for any pastor or leader. This icon will alert you to those texts.