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Master the Bible Student Set

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This workshop concentrates on all the essential skills needed to memorize and retain a thorough knowledge of Scripture through disciplined, programmed memorization of biblical verses according to themes and topics. We also include issues of translation, hermeneutics, Bible history, and the story of God culminating in Christ. This thorough program will enable each student to know and meditate on the foundational truths of the Faith, the Bible’s fundamental content and theology in Christ, providing a simple, effective method to gain mastery of the Bible’s contents in outline format, section-by-section, and book-by-book.

This Student Set includes the following:

  • Workbook [MTB Guidebook],
  • Memorize His Word software CD,
  • 1 set of 4 MTB bookmarks

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  1. Memorization leads to meditation which leads to a mind becoming more like Christ's 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Aug 2014

    "Personally, I would never undertake to pastor a church or guide a program of Christian education that did not involve a continuous program of memorization of the choicest passages of Scripture for people of all ages."

    Some 6 or 7 years ago I read these words by Dallas Willard in his book Spirit of the Disciplines, (p.150), and I have not been able to get them out of my head. At the time, I felt a vague guilt, because I knew I should be helping our church plant members memorize Scripture... and I was occasionally asking disciples and church leaders to memorize key passages, but our efforts felt pretty random. At least, I was sure that what we were doing was NOT a "continuous program" and I was pretty clueless as to whether or not I was hitting the "choicest passages" of Scripture. But what to do and where to start? I experimented with some programs, but never found one that really matched what we were trying to do at the church.

    So it was with great pleasure that I read today through the Master the Bible Guidebook: Charting Your Course Through Scripture Memorization, published by TUMI Press (2008), 231 pp. Following the Capstone Curriculum, this may be the most important tool developed by TUMI to date. It may even be more significant, in that it has the potential to impact a much wider audience. The Capstone Curriculum is designed exclusively for those already serving in church leadership, but the MBG is designed for all believers.

    Here are a few of the features that stood out to me as I looked through this excellent new resource: the Master the Bible Guidebook/System is Common-Sense; Comprehensive; Christocentric; Connected; and Cool. Let me expand.

    1) It is Common-Sense. I just mean practical. This is a manual that can be used to rapidly train new believers in the big picture of the Bible, and then point them in the right direction towards understanding the Bible's: basics (Series 1); story (Series 2); key theme (Series 3); and expectations (Series 4). The layout is consistent, and I can see this being a book, that a new believer gets along with (or very soon after) he/she receives his or her first Bible.

    2) It is Comprehensive. So if a new believer receives MBG soon after choosing to become a disciple of Jesus, how long will he or she take to make it through the workbook--after all it is only six chapters, right? My estimate is that it will take 4-10 years to make it through the book for the first time. Each series is 100 passages, an ambitious disciple could work through the passages at the rate of two a week and make it through in a year. (Remember that passages are not the same as verses, I noted weeks with as little as 2 verses, and others with as many as 9 verses!). If your disciple (and you!) commit to the faster rate, you will make it through all four series in four years. If you memorized at the rate of one passage a week, it will take eight years. By the time one completes the program one will have memorized well over 1000 verses. Practically this means less time for television over the next decade of our disciple's life, but that's not a bad trade.

    3) It is Christocentric. Much more could be said here, but the Bible does have a theme, and MBG nails it (Him). If we are going to do the work of memorizing, lets make sure we memorize the right verses, on the right topics. Frankly, the passage selection is where Dr. Davis' 30 plus years of teaching the Bible, his long study of the church's leading theologians, and his immersion in the "Great Tradition" really shine through. We are nailing the passages that will produce the most fruit in our disciple's lives, as they learn to meditate in a Psalm 1/Joshua 1:8 type of way.

    4) It is Connected. I like the fact that there is a structure to the memorization; it is far from random. The more time one spends with these passages, the more connections will be seen. Those working with other TUMI materials will notice lots of connections to other TUMI resources: A) all of the Capstone verses are included in the four series (I am pretty sure, at least); B) Series 2 follows the same overall structure that all of the Capstone modules emphasize--the story of God from before the garden to the day all the saints reach home in the great city of Jerusalem. (Note appendix 10 in all Capstone modules, and especially the theme of Module 2). C) Series 3 is designed to help us meditate on passages related to the life of Christ. Those who have taken the Making Time foundations course, will immediately be excited at the opportunity to go deeper into the spiritual discipline of the Christian Year. Other examples could be given, as well.

    5) It is Cool. By cool, I don't JUST mean that the text and related materials are up to TUMI's usual high standard of excellence in graphics, editing, and content. By cool I am thinking of the kind of disciples of Christ who will be formed by this tool. Jesus was quoting and alluding to scripture constantly (take a look at the attached document for a list of some of the clearer places where Jesus and the apostles quote or allude to Scripture). Peter and Paul's sermons in Acts were often 25% or so direct quotations from scripture. This tool will definitely contribute towards disciples who look increasingly like Christ, and his first disciples. That seems pretty cool to me.

    So kudos to the TUMI staff! Great job! You deserve a great deal of commendation for your hard work in bringing this tool to our urban harvesters. At this point, the only critical suggestion I have, is that in the next edition it would be helpful to add an index which lists all the series' passages in their canonical order (and the series where it is memorized) for quick reference. I think this would be helpful for those who want to check for a particular reference.